Savanna Dry Cider

All About Savanna

Our story begins way back in the day when cans were all the rage and the ciders sweet (or as we like to call it the bad old days)…

Then… In 1996 a refreshing all-natural dry cider hit the scene in South Africa and immediately established itself with its distinctively dry taste as its trademark. Ours was the first cider in South Africa to be packaged in glass and while the rest have since caught up, compared to other ciders, our bottle has a very unique “dumpy” shape. While it may be short, it has a lot of bottle.

A witty one-liner, a quirky little bottle and a superbly satisfying taste – everything about Savanna makes you smile. Savanna. It’s dry. But you can drink it.

Savanna. It’s Dry. But You Can Drink It.

Savanna Dry is a clear 100% apple cider in a unique see through bottle and made from the juice of crushed Elgin apples. The magic of transforming humble apple juice into sublime cider is all in the fermentation process. 6% ABV and energy content of 244 kJ/100 ml.

Savanna Light is made from the same crushed apple goodness, but has a lower alcohol by volume percentage. 3.00% ABV and energy content of 168 kJ/100ml.

So What’s In It Then?

Or more importantly, what’s not?

Savanna is GMO-free which means there is no traceability of genetically modified organisms (GM’s) in ingredients and final packed product.

Savanna’s allergen status – Savanna doesn’t contain any of the following allergens: gluten containing cereals, crustaceans, peanuts, shell fruits (nuts), celery, mustard, sesame seed, lecithin, eggs, fish, caseinate.

Fact: Savanna is vegan.

When Life Gives You Lemons… Havva Savanna

If you want to enjoy a Savanna the way it was intended… make sure it’s cold with nothing but a wedge of lemon shoved into the bottleneck. Remember, that while Savanna does indeed rock, it’s never served with ice and it’s already in a glass so save yourself the washing up time and just enjoy it from the bottle.

Buying Savanna in South Africa

Savanna Dry and Light are available pretty much everywhere in South Africa – pubs, restaurants, shops, clubs (you catch the drift). If you’re having a bit of a troublesome time finding Savanna at your local, contact us and we’ll sort it out quicker than you can say, “Do you know your monkey stole my Savanna?”.

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