EasyData – Quantec Service

The EasyData – Quantec Service

A resource for analysts and economists tasked with monitoring and analysing the South African economy.

EasyData provides access to highly organised and up-to-date economic data and analysis through user-friendly and flexible data access options. EasyData saves you time and resources by linking you to macroeconomic developments at each stage of your daily activities—from data sourcing to analysis.


  • Macroeconomic Subscription — A wide-ranging collection of South African and Global macroeconomic data and analysis.
  • Industry Subscription — A unique and consistent analytical view of South Africa’s economic structure by industry.
  • International Trade Subscription — Data and analysis on South Africa’s international trade.
  • Regional Subscription — Detailed regional economic data and analysis for the South African economy down to district, town council and lower sub-national levels.

Working with economic data can be challenging

Data is scattered over wide-ranging disparate sources, each with its own distinct characteristics. Typical issues you may encounter are:

  • Procuring and updating your economic data from a myriad of unstructured sources that can be cumbersome and time consuming.
  • Handling, storing and retrieving huge volumes of data that requires specialised database knowledge; dedicated software tools; and loads of physical data storage and backup space.
  • Basic database housekeeping issues need continuous attention: classifying and creating meta data; splicing and linking data; interpolating data; standardising data; rebasing data; aligning data to a common frequency or structure; and performing basic transformations and calculations.

The EasyData solution

Subscribers gain Internet access to time-series, pivot tables and reports.

  • Access anytime, anywhere via your web browser with no end-user software required.
  • All your economic data is centralised in one repository.
  • Timely and accurate daily updates as they are released by Quantec and its various primary data providers.
  • Data and reports can be downloaded into Excel, CSV, EViews, Stata and Adobe PDF formats.
  • Comprehensive online metadata includes a descriptive data overview, instructions for accessing the database, an explanation of the various mnemonic coding schemes utilised in the database and a complete hierarchical listing of the database contents. Each time-series is defined with cross-referencing to source. The documentation is embedded in the database.
  • Internet access to the data combines an intuitive point and click hierarchical interface with advanced searching, basic tabulation, graphical and analytical features.
  • Build, save, access and update your own user-selections of time-series online in EasyData.

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